Our Day in Eupilio

Contributo dei ragazzi di 2^B, in inglese, sulle attività svolte ad Eupilio per l’avvio dell’itinerario educativo di classe.

On the day 17th of September we went to Euplilio with the 2A and our teachers: prof. Riccio, prof. Galbiati and sister Monica.

The journey was 30 minutes long. When we arrived, we visited the community of Barnabiti friars: it was a wonderful building; later we had 20 minutes to go around the park to visiti it, the view of the lake was amazing. As we had to socialise, sister Monica decided to take us our mobile phones. It was cluody buti t didn’t rain, so we formed  groups of five students each and played a team game, where each group had to co-operate to create five paper squares without talking. This activity was based on helping each other. At the end of the day, we also talked about how we could improve our relationship with the other classmates and we talked about the importance of being honest. We all learnt something from the day and we were all happy about it. The day we spent in Eupilio was a really nice way to start this new school year.

2B Students